WLANPi Pro – Multi Channel PCAP

Jul 8, 2023Tools0 comments

Sometimes you need to capture roaming events when a client device roams from APa to APb. For this procedure I will be using Wireshark v4.0.1+ and WLANPi Pro.

To start with, identify the area of concern and run a Wi-Fi scan using your preferred tool. In our example case, we have APa on ch108 with 80MHz and APb on ch36 with 20MHz (not ideal as you need a consistent channel plan/width in your service area, this is only to prove the point). This capture was performed on a single LAN segment with the WLANPi’s (Pro) ethernet port and can also be used using tailscale ip addressing for VPN (it works on both methods).

Ensure you have the Wireshark module (SSHdump) installed as selected below, this module is selected on installation.

Select the “WiFi remote capture” and configure the capture device:

Now you can setup the next interface.

Right click and start a new Wireshark session –

Keep the setup with IP and credentials the same, but in the Capture tab the interface is changed to wlan1:

Start the captures on both wireshark sessions to run as long as required to capture the statistics, then stop both. Save each pcap file (use the channel number to differentiate)

Merge current file with other pcapng file

Save as date-time-location.pcapng

Below you can see a brief snap of the merged output.