The Wi-Fi Checklist

Aug 8, 2023Design0 comments

When it comes to designing great Wi-Fi, the provider needs to know what the task is. Wireless environments are unique and so any solution needs careful consideration to develop. When we see the phases of a Wireless Solution there may be many actors involved in the project, but fundamentally projects, equipment and environments go through a lifecycle.

The phases of delivery commence with Requirements gathering, this is also known as the Define phase. Little things can easily get overlooked but when we have a thought-out plan to capture that information from the start it can save us (I forgot to ask this q back at the start), when it should have been captured in the first place. You may get into design and realise you may need to revisit the Define phase again.

Issues may arise in any phase and will involve their own process to resolve: Define, Troubleshoot, Tune and Validate.

The Wi-Fi checklist started as a community project with the Wireless LAN Association (WLA)  and is founded on that framework. The Wi-Fi checklist is the practical roadmap of that dream. Inside it is full of useful resources to help focus the journey.

The aim of the checklists is not to tell you how to do something or even frame your workflow. With Wi-Fi, there are many moving parts, all interlocked and dependent on each other. The checklists record what steps have been performed for the project’s duration to ensure completeness on the journey. Hopefully, these parameters can get captured early to provide an easy journey through design and deployment. All the best on your next Wi-Fi project!

Note – The information contained is for technical guidance. Please do your due diligence and seek advice before offering agreements and signing up contracts.